Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Male Celebrities with Long Haircuts

Long hair is no longer just a fashion statement for female celebrities. Contrary to common belief, many male celebrities are able to look good in a variety of long haircuts; each unique in their own ways.
Male Celebrities With Long Haircuts

David Beckham is among the many celebrities that have been known to wear a variety of long hairstyles and able to maintain his good-looks and charm. He has worn it in many variations such as long straight, long wavy and curly with a myriad of colors. In addition, he has styled in just by letting it loose, wearing it in a pony tail with a lot of layering and the likes.

Keanu Reeves is another male celebrity that has a tendency to look good in long haircuts. Back in the days of “Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey/Adventures”, Keanu Reeves has been seen wearing his famous long haircuts. To date, he has been seen wearing many different variations of long haircuts; each with its own characteristics.

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