Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dorm Shave

Shaving his head with his Clippers  (wahl, andis, conair? can anyone tell), then shaving it bald with a razor (edge shaving cream? and bic or gillete razor [can anyone tell that either?])205340207YguWui_ph 205340757ZEdmwy_ph 205340850kQhJtZ_ph 205341065UBhhGh_ph 205341211SOlGow_ph 205341275tDzVLL_ph 205341445eowfSC_ph 205341490GMKxiP_ph 205341543rqbdiQ_ph 205341581ILGQCJ_ph 205341625OIKAtX_ph 205342261DcDIck_ph

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