Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2010 Mens Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair - Brad Pitt Haircuts

Are you a fan of Brad Pitt? I love his hairstyles very much, no matter in short, medium or long. Always he has adorable fashionable and stylish looks!

Brad Pitt with cool sun galsses
popular short summer haircut from Brad Pitt
Cool men's hairstyles from Brad PittThis is a good look for any man having thick hair but wants to go slightly shorter as it can help to thin the hair out.If you are looking for stylish short haircut with low maintenance, this style is a good choice.

People often say that Angelina has played a major role in his haircut transformation, otherwise Brad was usually not very much fashion conscious at least for his off-screen appearances. Regardless of what people say, one thing is certain that if you were to ask a girl about how a specific haircut suits on the face of Brad Pitt, the answer would most probably be “Sexy and Chic”. Of course, the credit for Brad Pitt’s sexy haircuts must go to Jolie.
Brad Pitt Hair Trends for men
Brad Pitt Hair Trends for men

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